WARNING: The After I Do Couples Group is Limited To Only 10 Couples in the Atlanta Area! 
Enjoy 12 Weeks of Couples Coaching
Join me for 12 sessions of laser group coaching for couples who are tired of fussing and fighting and want peace at home.
This is Open to Couples in the Atlanta Area!
Join me on the transformative experience and get on the track to better communication, better intimacy, and a community of couples who are ready to prioritize the bond they have with their mate!
This is the perfect space for you to nourish your relationship. 
Work with me, Dr. Laura Louis, a Licensed Psychologist that specializes in Marriage and Relationship counseling and the author of the book Marital Peace. 

I will show you how to finally get your partner to put the phone down and listen to you.
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Are you?:
Tired of arguments that only make your relationship worse
Feeling your relationship slipping away

Putting on a mask to the public but you’re lonely in your marriage

On the brink of divorce
This is the perfect space for you to nourish your relationship.
This course is designed to focus on the entirety of the relationship. You and your partner will work with one another to explore the relentless and soul sucking issues that create conflict in the in the day to day living of a partnership. Small things add up QUICK and before you know it you’re yelling and screaming or giving one another the dreaded silent treatment.

If you’ve grown tired and irritated with one another to the point where you’re avoiding each other, it’s time to get some help. You don’t have to do it alone and it’s not a skill we’re born with. Healthy relationships take work and this class is the first step recommitting yourself to your relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a brand new relationship or if you’ve been married for over 50 years. This group course will assist you with better communication and provide a sound road map to repairing your relationship.

what should you expect...
From The After I Do Couples Group

6:00pm to 8:00pm

March 31st
April 7th
April 14th
April 21st
April 28th
April 29th 
May 5th
May 12th
May 19th 
May 26th 
June 2nd
June 9th 
Group sessions: This couples group is only open to 10 couples.

This is a 12 week Couples Group! 

Each session is 2 hours and includes education, didactic exercises and practice for skill building.

We will cover communication, conflict resolution, finances, and loving after betrayal.

You will learn how to fight fair.

Couples use the interval between meetings to practice the skills they learn
Mature committed couples who miss the spark from the early days
Newly committed couples who want to start off well
Couples experiencing upheaval who want to reconnect
You miss the connection that you used to have
You feel your relationship slipping away
If you are tired of fussing and fighting all the time.
You are tired of the yelling and slammed doors

lovers bonuses
From The After I Do Couples Group
The five couples to sign up will receive two free couple therapy sessions so you know what you need to start stop and continue to build a ROCK solid connection.

($350 Value)
This opportunity will be only open to a select group of people.
what if your marriage went from whatever to omg?
Meet Dr. Louis
Ph.D., Founder of Atlanta Couple Therapy
  • Received Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychology from Howard University 2012
  • Taught at the college level
  • Worked in the psychology field since 2003
  • Conducted 100s of seminars and trainings for universities, hospitals
  • International Speaker 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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