Get Paid to SPEAK
This academy is for you if you are ready to get booked
You are working crazy hours and feel chained to your desk. You became a therapist to make a difference, but you still want to live the life of your dreams and be present with your family.
You aren't able to consistently book speaking engagements. 
One month the calendar is booked and then the next it's crickets, there's no consistency in your practice.

You don't know how to pitch yourself and get paid as a speaker. You've done a few speaking engagements here and there and loved it but not sure how to take it to the next level.

You don't have a team in place. You know you need help if you are truly going to grow your business but the who and how to build your team is truly scaring you. 

If  that sounds like you, then the Couch to Podium Membership Lounge Is for you
Couch to Podium 
Members Only Lounge
Couch to Podium Members Only was created just for you, speakers who are ready to stop being tied to the desk and couch and grow your business in a way that allows you to have time and freedom in your personal life and the money you truly desire.

You became a purpose driven entrepreneur to truly make a difference and impact the lives of others, but never imagined it would be like this. Well it doesn't have to be.
Hi I'm Dr. Laura Louis and I created Couch to Podium 4 years ago because I wanted to help my fellow purpose driven entrepreneurs grow their speaking business. 

I built a 6+ figure private practice with consistent clients and realized I could impact thousands in the time it took me to impact one on the couch through speaking. Since then I personally have booked over 1,000 speaking engagements including international gigs and created an additional 6+ figure stream of income to my business. 

As I began to teach other purpose driven entrepreneur I realized the need was greater than just how to book speaking engagements or pitch. There was a great need to share how I am able to consistently grow my business and have multiple streams of income that are all equally profitable. This is why I created the Couch to Podium Members Only platform.

Every month we have a LIVE training and Question & Answer session on how to grow your business. But I've also jam packed it with tons of resources and training to ensure you are on the path to growing your business as soon as you start.
What You'll Learn:
Growing Your Private Practice 
Creating a 6+ figure speaking business that is  always booked with a waiting list is every speaker's goal. 
I can show you how!
Speaking as a Profitable Stream
Speaking is a great way to reach thousands in the time you usually help one and if done right can double your practice income.
Business for purpose driven entrepreneur
School taught you how to be a great , but unfortunately it didn't give you what you needed to run a successful speaking business. Learn Now!
Couch to Podium Member Benefits

  • Monthly Live Training
  • Monthly Live Question & Answer Sessions
  • A Vault of Resources & Training's to Grow your business today
  •  A Leader that has Been There & Done It
  •  Access to Couch Partners & their Trainings'

You've been trying to do everything you know to do, but it isn't producing the results you so desperately need to earn an income as a speaker and the organizations that do ask you speak, don't have a budget to pay you.

So it's time to stop trying to make it work. Get the tools and skills, you need to create a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to earn in one speak engagement what takes most people a whole month to earn.  
I know because I have done it!
Are you ready to transform your business?! 
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1 year in the Couch to Podium Membership
+ a FREE ticket to VIP Intensive
(total value at $1,600)
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